Mrs Icis Malone was appointed Director of the National Bank of the Virgin Islands Limited in 2021. Mrs Malone joins the Bank’s Board of Directors with over 45 years of experience in banking within the Virgin Islands.

During her career, Mrs Malone ensured that appropriate and effective systems and controls were implemented and maintained to enhance the strategies and policies of her former workplace. Along with assuming the duties of Money Laundering Reporting Officer, Mrs Malone’s responsibilities have included managing Retail Credit, Human Resources, Operations, Accounting and Compliance Departments.

Mrs Malone is an experienced hotelier having co-owned a villa rental and restaurant with her husband for more than 25 years.

Professional Qualifications:
Diploma in Compliance – Now Fellow member status; University of Manchester School Business, 2010
Certificate in Anti Money Laundering Awareness with Distinction; International Compliance Association (ICA), 2010