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Deposit Suite (Personal)

The Deposit Suite comprises of two categories:

  • NBVI Regular Savings
  • NBVI Specialty Savings

The Deposit Suite provides the Bank’s customers the opportunity to choose savings options that best suit their needs, based on various stages in the life cycle. The criteria/features of each deposit product within the suite vary and have been designed to accommodate and satisfy the customers’ needs.

NBVI Regular Savings Accounts

The NBVI Regular Savings account allows customers to enjoy their basic banking services with complete ease, whilst also earning interest on their savings.

NBVI Specialty Savings Accounts

The NBVI Specialty Savings caters to special savings needs from junior savings and senior savings, to saving for specific goals:


The NBVI Goal accounts are Specialty Savings Accounts designed to assist clients with attaining key financial goals or desires at various stages of their lives by forming a contractual savings agreement.

NOTE: All Goal accounts may be used for collateral to secure financing (as necessary).