About Us


The National Bank of the Virgin Islands was established by the Government of the Virgin Islands (the “Government”) in 1974. Originally called the Development Bank of the Virgin Islands, it began official operations in 1976. The Bank was initially created as a facility to provide loans to local farmers and fishermen, but it later expanded its scope to include industry, tourism, student, and housing loans. In 2005, the Bank’s name was officially changed to the National Bank of the Virgin Islands, and it became a corporate entity fully licensed by the Financial Services Commission, to operate as a commercial bank.


Today, the National Bank of the Virgin Islands operates as a fully autonomous commercial bank. Its management team reports to the Board of Directors, the members of whom are appointed by the Government of the Virgin Islands.  The Government is the sole shareholder of the Bank.

As a newly established corporate entity, we strive to provide the Territory with a full spectrum of commercial offerings in a bank that is uniquely local. As the only locally headquartered bank of this Territory, we understand the local culture (on a highly personal level), and we seek to present the products and services that matter most to our customers and our Territory. Our role in the community has evolved over time, and so too have the components of our organization. Our new look and facilities are just a part of this new beginning. The National Bank of the Virgin Islands is proud to provide service to its customers like never before.



We are constantly expanding our offerings to meet the needs of the local population. Upcoming new products and services include our very own checking accounts, debit and credit cards. In addition, we will now offer our customers online banking services and look forward to the introduction of mobile banking in the near future.

National Bank of the Virgin Islands: the official bank of paradise.